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[HANDMADE THRIFT FLIPS] - Ready to ship and Made with thrifted and vintage tees 


!!!!Select your size and recieve a random shirt!!!!


- These shirts are revived with my own touch, I could care less if you think I ruined a good vintage tee, thats insane. These shirts were on their way to a landfill and I saved them. I have always been an upcyler by heart and for my first T shirt release ever, It was only right to use all recycled garments 

- Shirts may have distressing and stains and custom dye work, if you dont like that the dont buy one!!!!!

-Some shirts may be tagged a differnt size but organzied by size to account for age and shrinkage. (For example. If you buy a Large but the tag says XL, I felt that it would also or best fit as a large).


[PRE MADE]- all sales final, all shirts ship within a week 

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